Peer Gynt

O bject theatrical hybrid, originally intended to be read, Ibsen adapt his poem to be worn on the boards, and will be set to music by Grieg. In this fable metaphorical and universal, where Peer Gynt tries to find a meaning to his existence, co-exist poems, drama, singing and orchestral music. The write performance of Jean-Philippe Clarac and Olivier Deloeuil allows the orchestra to be wrapped in an elegant building of blond wood, like so many of the trails trace the paths of life of the freakish anti-hero of norway. Over the passages, orchestras, actors, and singers are on this network of gateways. They do not embody their characters, but to give to see the adventures tragi-comedy of Peer Gynt in effigy, thanks to the theatre of objects, graphics creation, and video made live. A brilliant success, full of subtlety. - Translated automatically.

Peer Gynt

48 Rue Jean Jaurès

Opéra De Limoges
87000 Limoges
48 rue jean jaurès

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