All at the Opera : Ouste at the Opera !

A s each year, the Opéra de Limoges, opens its doors to you ! The menu of many workshops, visits to the opera, concerts, an exhibition and fitting of costumes...
Child's corner : pianos-toys, glockenspiel, modular synthesizer, electric organ, musical toys : Artuan of Liérrée.
Circus sounds : percussion : Pascal Brouillaud and Alain PelletierKarlax : Rémi Dury. Musical Performance for two percussions and a Karlax. The public attends a game unique among the world acoustic and the digital world, the chamber music and the music interstellar, the virtual game and the real game, and hearing the unheard...
Cluédopéra : design : Franck Linol. A murder has been committed at the Opera ! But who is the victim ? Why has she been killed ? How ? The time of a survey, become a commissioner and find out the murderer (registration required).
Kids corner : animation, old games for the game library, taste, "4h bio" (for a fee)... The daycare parents. While the kids have fun, we take care of the parents, with workshops on voice, participatory, led by the children of OperaKids. - Translated automatically.

All at the Opera : Ouste at the Opera !

48 Rue Jean Jaurès

Opéra De Limoges
87000 Limoges
48 rue jean jaurès

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+33 555 459 511

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