Feast of the Saint Martial

S aint-Léonard de Noblat in the Haute-Vienne, perpetuate a unique tradition, the feast of Saint Martial, in the neighborhood of the pont de Noblat. It is dedicated to saint Martial, who are venerated in a small chapel nestled at the foot of the hill of Clovis and is topped by its famous oak tree. It is characterized by the election of a king crown on the "Old Bridge", on Saturday. This new king, accompanied by his subjects, accomplished the ascent of the hill of Clovis. At night, a magnificent fireworks display ignites the pont de Noblat and the valley of the Vienne. "Vivo lo St Marsaut". Country-style meal for Sunday lunch in edge of Vienna. The next day, Sunday, the fun continues with the famous "race to the ring", a distant memory of the tournaments equestrian of the Middle Ages. In fact, 8 or 9 valiant riders, to gallop their horses, engage in a game in which the goal is to win a ring, offered by the king, under the applause of the enthusiastic crowd, and the sound of the song from the Saint Martial. Country-style meal for Sunday lunch in edge of Vienna.
In the program :
Saturday : At 6 o'clock a Salvo of artillery. At 8am Aubade to the population. 15h fishing competition (entries in the Course of health). From 17: 30 market festive (catering, refreshments, and live entertainment). 19h coronation of the new king of the Bridge, and then climb to the oak of Clovis with the choir Ol St. Marsaut, and Christophe Dupuis, the accordion. To 21h show "The years Stars" (free) and 23h fireworks and a great popular dance.
Sunday : 9: 30am hiking organized by Miaulétous Hike of about 7 km (go to the route of health). At 10: 30 mass in the church of Pont de Noblat. At 11: 30am aperitif d'honneur hosted by Jdumbé SEWA in front of the church. 13h country style dinner with musical entertainment to health course (bookings Stationery Pen de Noblat or in the Cellars of Noblat or counters of the association at the town hall of Saint-Léonard Saturdays 8 and 22 June, 10am to 12pm). 15: 30 racing to the ring to ponies and 16h race to the ring on horseback. 17h line dance with Me and Dance to 18h show of French varieties with Gis'Animation (free). - Translated automatically.

Feast of the Saint Martial

Pont De Noblat

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pont de noblat

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