Exhibition of Sculptures by Lionel Schewzuck

L ionel Schewzuck (1955) is a self-taught inspired that key to any form of art drawing and painting first, then came the wrought iron work of art before he dare not approach the sculpture, which seemed impossible up to that point. Wood carving (boxwood, cherry, olive) that it will refine up to the craft. During the same period the stone made its appearance, and the themes which are then attached : the fundamental elements of the human being and harmony in nature. Granite, marble, and serpentine are the vectors of this theme between heaven and earth. The themes are not part of the times accurate but reappear in recurrence over the years. The artist works without a project-designed, leaving the stone forge its own destiny under her fingers.
The stone plunging and then resurgissant of the stone is a typical image of his sculpture. The artist juggles between raw and polished in the same creation. Lionel Schewzuck traveled a lot. He exhibited in various places in France, but also in Belarus. Recently, he participated in a symposium in Burkina Faso, where he worked on a monumental work of more than 20 m2. - Translated automatically.

Exhibition of Sculptures by Lionel Schewzuck

Le Mas Maury Haut

La Villeneuve
87120 Rempnat
le mas maury haut

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